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D.N.A. Poetry, Sonic SOURCEry, And Soul Graffiti by Eaden Rosvein

Dedicated to the memories of Edward R. Palmer 1982-2012

Copyright The Blood Wisdom 2012

Artwork by Eaden Rosvein

Originally released as a limited edition of 77 on cassette by Haute Magie on 12/21/2012


(Imagine this)
Cities that dream as energy in a ripple of time.
The ego as deity.
Her Face In every air bag.
Beauty in a xerox copy.
New Passion.
Two Passing into each other.
ONE left.
Automobile excitement.
Payphones obsolete.
Suitcase packed, gun loaded.
Humming to the dial tone.
Kill the cage...
Dark. Flash. Cold. Cry. Do you know its name?
Awake. Burn. Sleep. Afraid. Do you know its name?
Cough. Disease. Hospital. Year. Do you know its name?
Love. Sex. Dirty. Farewell. Do you know its name?
Live. Twin. Two. One. Do you know its name?
And its name was...Claudia Rose.
The illusion makes a sound that falls to rise.
Strumming shadows in a mirror for the twin inside.
Eaden’s sword is inside our belly but we feel no pain,
for we all bleed the sky that rains in our eyes.


from Fall​/​Rise (The Twin Inside), released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Blood Wisdom Los Angeles, California

The Blood Wisdom is an OcculTribal/Post Apocalyptic Punk/PsychedeliGoth Band, Esoterrorist Collective, and a Multidimensional Herald OV the Creative Spirit dwelling led by Eaden Rosvein. We create in order to destroy, and destroy in disorder to create, so that a new experience beyond our present reach can grow like a r/Evolution flower from our dirty hands into fists...HERE AND NOW!!! ... more

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