by Blood Wisdom

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released June 21, 2013

D.N.A. Poetry, Sonic SOURCEry, and Soul Graffiti by Eaden Rosvein

Ame' Ladik-additional vocals on Track 9
Ed Dymek-drums on tracks 4, 13, 15
Cole Young-bass on tracks 4, 13, 15
Merch House Tribe-percussion on Track 11

Artwork by Eaden Rosvein
Front Cover Altar by AmEdEmA
Copyright The Blood Wisdom 2013



all rights reserved


Blood Wisdom Los Angeles, California

The Blood Wisdom is an OcculTribal/Post Apocalyptic Punk/PsychedeliGoth Band, Esoterrorist Collective, and a Multidimensional Herald OV the Creative Spirit dwelling led by Eaden Rosvein. We create in order to destroy, and destroy in disorder to create, so that a new experience beyond our present reach can grow like a r/Evolution flower from our dirty hands into fists...HERE AND NOW!!! ... more

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Track Name: Just Before Dawn
This is a way
Don't be afraid
A fear is only a fear
Track Name: w/WW.3/
Vision stay as warm as fate in love
And in fear, behind panic tears, do go blind.
The brave see 50 stars falling out of the blue
covered in red blood running over white news
It seems so real
Female carrying the fight and the fire of the boy spreading wild in the night

Psychic to the jungle, Earth perceives a grave,
let inside but alive,
it ressurects the vine,
coiling around the spirit to grow it up for flight
Into one more war and all that it takes,
to never begin until it is waste
Heart Solider City won't crumble on demand
It will only burn out like an ember in its lost romance.

What lengths we have seen
between the distance in belief
From the hole in the sky to the voice in the ground
It measures out a mirror looking forward to be found

One is one reflection in us
One is One god

Which side are we on
Track Name: Ritual Edit (XXY)
Come in
Solar temple eye
Come spin our swastika right
In the flesh, In its night gone white
through the darkness
Out of light
Track Name: r/Evolution Flower
Look over there
their is a body over there
Some say it's the temple of the soul
but sacrificed to the knife
you can cut up your life
Flesh records over static for a voice

What is sacred is your sign
What is sacred is your mind
Change your face, your race anytime
What is sacred is your sign
What is sacred is your mind
Change your fate, change your change anytime

The sterile hands of science have called us.
Touching to tear apart the fabric of society.
No blood lust, just phases
Switching our places
followed by a period of healing
Trauma. Healing.
We have channeled something.
The Revelation will be televised when the doctor chants and spreads
Open up and say AUUUUUMMMMMM
He. She. E.
You are whatever you choose to be

There's a country in your eyes
Real lies
Real eyes
Conspire myths
Bomb your fears
War without eyes
There's a country in your eyes
Track Name: The Fool
I coaxed myself into furnaces
Strummed a chord and swore not to be born
Split through the rain and grew into feathers
done with how you wore me out like leather
Replayed the video where I punched holes through my future
I'm still here with my voice thrown into the past of her

Stretching the flesh of my mind
Stretching the ways of my heart
Strectching out my life as everyone fades
As time killed them all
I was the fool
because I would of died for you

She is fear.
He is fear

Enter dust
Exit trust
and forget
what was left...of us

Without you
Track Name: Disconnect. You. I. Connect We.
I know no words
and when you call I will fall

I will call
Track Name: Shake Death Rattle Hum
I do not live by what I hear outside my window
but still I try to feel

Nudity moves a blur of skeletons
From afar you can't view the run away
So I stay and cut yourself in the night to pass for alive
Before the morning climbs into the sun you come to me
flowers in your wrist
Still life comes around
on high heels, in animals, in car crash, black and white film, young and old, no mood, singing
I'm not searching for forever,
I'm just hoping for tomorrow.

Left this room to put on make up
checked into this room to break up
Feathers. Beads. Hair. Skin.
Peeling dirt sky
Chaos breathing me
and washing in an ocean of omens
Meet me on the desert shore

Gather the tribes
Shake Death Rattle Hum
Track Name: The Invisible Beard
There is a city that sleeps with itself
on streets we blur just to hold
Stretching over me like an old flashy skin
it pin points all the other versions of self
Erased in motels, sung over the church bells,
forgot that sex sells,
On a bearch, a stranger waiting for a better shell
That's a pile of hair on the floor
Swept into corners until a day it's pushed through the door
Pieces of my dead parts scattering outside

Without you
Track Name: Romancing My Way Back To The Grave
Romancing My Way Back To The Grave
Please, please Ms. Mystery
Be the only friend I'll ever need
When we wake up I'll try to smile
and scratch your back for a little while
You know this head is mine
But I'll share with you the...never mind
Hey look at me I'm alive
but when you touch me I swear I'd die

Oh love I apologise
for method acting out a fucking lie
Sorry for clubbing on the inside
I'm on the inside
i'm outside smoking cigarettes
Hands shaking

Do you know how to dance
because I would move with you
Everyone just seems to sit and stare through the dark
If we kiss I'll chance no one because every loves a dream
You close my eyes and I will waste the time
A voice of two. A voice of dreams.
Nothing's as it seems
Track Name: Howl
The child is screaming
Making its life new
Coyote child
Dancing for the moon
It gives a piece of its mind
It gives a piece of its soul
The ceremony started
turning around the fire

See the boy laughing
See the boy cry
Fear chasing desire
Spirit as its guide

Leaving the stones
lightening up the load
Track Name: Through Moth Wings
Learn to live because tomorrow doesn't always wait
Don't hide your love because we make mountains with our fate
Learn to dilate

When possessed with a hunger inside your beating heart,
fade away
it is the only way yesterday will stop and forever will begin to start,

Now look out your window and catch a rising sign
Ignore the figures buying kill and selling die
Breathe, miss the smog, and slip into the truth
but beware the conclusion spins wild, eye for eye, tooth for tooth
Things are what they seem
So now what where do we go from here?
When reach out to grow you pull back a big hug of fear
Change is hanging, change always is
Oh god I've seen the confusion and i see we all have to learn to live
Because things are what they seem
things are what they seem
Realize this is an illusion

Learn to live because tomorrow doesn't always wait
Don't hide your love because we make deserts with our fate
Learn to dilate
Track Name: Silver Turns
Broken is the mind where the walls do arise
Live in the world but don't let it inside
So I look to the sky and open and sigh
Watch for the watcher among the starry nights

and time does fly and fall does time
silver turns without design

All in all in all in all
vena cava pumps on
onto the streets of people
people to disconnect with until they arrive to take me home
and give me the chance that I passed up years ago

Shatter the body in the heart of pain
It's not where it's at it's just where we change
So I look to the sky and open a door
Turn into wait and turn from the war

and time does fall and time does fly
Hanging above the power lines

All in all in all in all
vena cava pumps on
onto streets of people
people to disconnect with until they arrive to take me home
and give the chance that I passed up years ago
Track Name: Lips Taste Metallic
Wild honey, you've got cool nights for free
while the envy of all sought the tortured dream
A day turned sour, a night turned sweet
Summer worship had given into bitter clouds at our feet

Oh ugly spirit, I couldn't take that black kiss anymore
It made us siamese at war, fighting for one foot in the door
The rivers edge led to a car crash, we cried
It keeps coming back to me, that day we died

Lips taste metallic
Must be blood
Lips taste metallic
Must be love
Must be blood, must be love
Track Name: Distorted By Natures Breath
Long hair, long hair, do you feel yellow or blue?
Young as you feel and feel as old as you do
Brown under black before the roots show through
Died in the tones that a month holds as true

Here comes the sun, connecting to the head
drying a flower that has taken on bone
It falls off the shoulders forgetting the dread
that occupied rooms with spiritual stone

Long hair, long hair do you feel heavy or free
Sinking in the shine and floating in the breeze
Make a wave, distorted by natures breath
to shield a secret before the long death

Here goes the sun, shedding some light
on the second of reality as eternal in dreams
The sequel of the journey has me one foot in the night
Now it's known, the length of belief

Fade into three
Never ending
Fade in the street
Never ending
Track Name: Gloom From An Earth Light (First Serpent))
After we've come, we've gone all alone
in the same world that we used to call home
There's a face to the wall, and there's a back to the cold
and this is a song made by the ghost of our soul
Oh look at that picture of this strange new love all
that's bound to get old fast and make a person crawl
When the hunt is on you only have a choice
of sex or show, of two bloody calls passing for one voice
So rejoice in all the rage of Mars
while the one twins hunger prays the other starves

So within without was sold with doubt
Guessed we can always move on
and try again to have a taste of life
one moment here and then it's gone
Maybe we can find a mask in time that seeks to pretend
and as the years pass by, we'd obsess its end
and there we'd be on our knees,
pushing our excuses to dream
Asking something lost
Is there something wrong with me?
Something's wrong with me

Oh no it's happening again
over and over and over
Track Name: Gloom From An Earth Light (Second Ceremony)
Shades drawn and the lights turn on
And off goes a grey that seeps out of wounds
It's sick funny still how you nailed me to the wall
positioned like a man on a fucking cross
Gathered the tribe

I know youths end of day
Get me out
your going to wait away
I'm going to feel from the dark in my life

It's vibrations magnetic
It's everyone apologetic
It's me in a room, in a tomb, in full bloom, liberating the idea of two
without you